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Brentwood Office: (615) 690-4820

Franklin Office: (615) 465-6397

Murfreesboro Office: (615) 751-0985

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What Could You Do With TBH on Your Side?

TBH Advisors was originated from a successful advisory firm, TBH Global Asset Management, located in Brentwood, Tennessee. Leveraging the intellectual capital of a mature advisory firm with established principles, philosophies and processes, TBH Advisors was created to offer individuals who see themselves as a “trusted advisor” a better strategic partner for each phase of their advisory business. Whether you are beginning to mold your practice or you soon seek a succession plan, TBH Advisors is the destination for the entrepreneurial and fiduciary-minded advisor.

Imagine working as a fiduciary, providing transparent and unbiased advice, with state-of-the-art technology. Imagine partnering with a firm that allows you to work as an employee and transition to independent contractor as your business evolves. Imagine partnering with a firm that offers a highly competitive compensation model that is advisor-centric and allows for equity ownership. Finally, imagine a firm whose leadership has each built a highly successful advisory practice and is here to help each TBH Advisor be incredibly successful.

Why Advisors Love TBH

  • Client-first atmosphere that is free from corporate bureaucracy
  • Housing offices with support staff
  • Proven track record of organic growth
  • High trust and high functioning team environment
  • Amazing compensation models and payout percentages
  • 2 convenient locations in Franklin and Brentwood, Tennessee
  • Flexible custodians
  • Accessible transition team
  • Ability to build own your own book of business
  • Tailored succession plans
TBH Advisors

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If you are a financial advisor, wealth manager, private banker, CPA or other professional who works directly with clients and is curious about an advisory relationship that offers you as much independence as you desire - but with complete back office support - then consider partnering with TBH Advisors.

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