There are a number of investment accounts you can use to help save for a child’s education. Whether you decide to use a 529 savings plan (a flexible, tax-advantaged account designed specifically for education savings), or a custodial account, which is invested in the child’s name (Uniform Gifts to Minors/Uniform Transfers to Minors Accounts – UGMA/UTMA), it is never too early to start saving for college education. Call or email us today for more information on how you can start planning for your child’s education.

David Merrell

David has been delivering Comprehensive Wealth Management solutions to clients for nearly 20 years. In 2008 he founded TBH Global Asset Management, LLC with his wife, Holly, after spending 11 years honing his craft at various public institutions. David is an avid reader of anything Behavioral Finance and works with each client to understand their planning and investment biases.