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Our Story

Our name is derived from Aesop’s fable wherein the tortoise beats the hare. We believe that creating and keeping clients on a long-term path is the best way to accomplish goals. Just like fads in fashion, fads in the investing world come and go. However, a solid financial plan includes investing in quality, preserving one’s wealth, and understanding what one needs to do on a day-to-day basis to yield long term results. Just as the tortoise had to be patient and disciplined when the hare jumped out in the lead, we help clients stay focused on their long-term objectives in an ever-changing and often paralyzing world.

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TBH is a Fiduciary

Too often the word ‘trust’ is abused in our industry. Many times, clients are unaware of the fees they pay and what they are actually invested in. The TBH philosophy believes there should be full transparency between client and advisor and the partnership should be based around a fiduciary standard.

Working in Your Best Interest

Our services are designed to provide you with trusted advice that you can use to your greater advantage. With our focus on excellent customer service, we aim to give you the best possible financial advisory experience.

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We offer partnership services to financial advisors, wealth managers, private bankers, CPAs or other financial professionals seeking to grow their advisory skills.

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