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Tax Planning

We help our clients minimize their tax liabilities and fully prepare for taxable events. By coordinating with your tax advisor(s), we enable you to be more strategic in your wealth management.
Our Tax Planning Approach

When you choose TBH Advisors as your tax planning partner, you choose a firm that’s committed first and foremost to your long-term financial goals. Our advisors are fee-based professionals, and our tax solutions are always client-driven — not commission-driven.

Great tax planning begins with a strategic approach and a deep understanding of our clients’ unique financial lives. By personalizing our tax solutions to our clients, and by delving into taxable events that may occur in the short- or long-term future, we ensure they maximize their wealth while decreasing their tax burden. This deep understanding is predicated on frequent communication and TBH’s commitment to transparency.

We know that TBH may not be your only tax planning partner. We work to maximize your credits, deductions, and timing of financial events by coordinating with other individuals like your accountant or tax advisor. Our “listen first” approach and close client-advisor relationship are key to building a complete financial outlook — not just a tax outlook — for each individual we serve.

Recommended Tax Planning Services
We equip our clients with the information they need to safeguard their assets. By taking the time to get to know you, we reduce your risk and help shield the people and things that matter most to you.
We partner with our clients to provide for one of their most important goals: their children’s education. Our deep knowledge of education investment accounts helps you support your family’s loftiest academic goals.
Tax Planning Sub-services

Credit and Deduction Analysis 

Tax Return Itemization 

Income Timing

Purchase Timing 

Financial Record-Keeping

Tax Plan Benefits

Lower Tax Liabilities

Retain more of your hard-won income with strategies designed to reduce your tax liabilities.

Greater Financial Insight

Gain a truer understanding of your financial outlook and your short- and long-term obligations.

Peace of Mind

Eliminate unexpected financial shocks with comprehensive tax projections and time to plan ahead.

Protection From Penalties

Avoid state and federal tax penalties by working with advisors well-versed in tax law.

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At TBH, your financial goals are our top priority. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you achieve them.