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Estate Advice & Legacy Planning

We assist our clients in ensuring their families are protected with sound estate and legacy planning. Life can be unpredictable, but we coordinate with your other trusted advisors to ensure your legacy has a lasting impact.
Our Estate Advice & Legacy Planning Approach

When you choose TBH Advisors as your estate advice and legacy planning partner, you choose a firm that’s committed first and foremost to your long-term financial goals. Our advisors are fee-based professionals, and our estate and legacy advice is always client-driven — not commission-driven.

Estate and legacy planning can be a challenging and sensitive topic for many families and individuals. We strive to offer advice and expertise that makes the process a little easier, while also protecting your legacy and the assets you’ve worked hard to grow. We develop deep relationships with our clients to ensure they’re prepared for a number of life events, both planned and unplanned, and collaborate with their attorneys and trustees to create comprehensive directives. We also offer trust management services and partner with our clients to oversee their trusts and estates — peace of mind that no management stone has been left unturned.

Our estate advice and legacy planning services can help you provide for the people and causes that matter most to you, whether that is a child with special lifelong needs or a charity you value. Through our “listen first” approach, we determine the documents you need to detail your wishes, then work with your team to implement them and ensure the wellbeing of your loved ones. 

Recommended Estate Advice & Legacy Planning Services
We help our clients prepare for a fulfilling retirement with detailed financial plans. From setting long-term goals, to assessing investment returns, our retirement mapping helps you prepare for a comfortable future.
We help our clients minimize their tax liabilities and fully prepare for taxable events. By coordinating with your tax advisor(s), we enable you to be more strategic in your wealth management.
Estate Advice & Legacy Planning Sub-services

Beneficiary Selection

Will and Trust Implementation and Management

Financial Power of Attorney Selection

Estate and Inheritance Tax Strategy

Philanthropic Giving

Estate Advice & Legacy Planning Benefits

Protection for Beneficiaries

We help you ensure that your loved ones retain access to your assets.

Lower Tax Burden

Reduce inheritance and gift taxes for those people and causes that matter most to you.

Quicker Asset Distribution

Avoid probate by working with an advisor well-versed in end-of-life and incapacity documents.

Simplified Family Decisions

We understand the delicate conversations estate and legacy planning entail and help you formalize your wishes.

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At TBH, your financial goals are our top priority. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you achieve them.