Best investments to own coming out of a recession | Bankrate

TBH Advisors - Bankrate - October 18, 2023

Sam Davis, CFP, financial advisor at TBH Advisors, shares insight with James Royal at Bankrate on the best investments to own following a recession. “The best types of investments coming out of a recession tend to be assets that were most sensitive to that particular economic downturn. In the Great Financial Crisis, investors that stepped […]

6 tips for advisors to help rich young athlete clients with NIL | Financial Planning

Phil Reynolds, managing member at TBH Advisors, speaks with Financial Planning’s Victoria Zhuang about tips for advisors supporting clients with NIL deals. “The key point is understanding the terms of the deal: What responsibilities must the athlete fulfill, to receive the promised compensation? Obligations could include anything from creating social media posts to attending meet […]

Employee Stock Ownership Plans In IRS Crosshairs | Financial Advisor

Brett Walters, financial planner at TBH Advisors, speaks with Jeff Stimpson at Financial Advisor about the IRS’ plans for employee stock ownership plans and what that can mean for workers. “Flush with new funding and certainly cognizant of the massive fiscal budget deficits, the IRS is very interested in what they deem may be low-hanging […]

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