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The TBH Advisors and the Davis Reynolds Team offers financial solutions for your future

The Davis Reynolds Team has over 15 years’ experience providing trusted financial planning and wealth management solutions to individuals, families, and institutions.  You can depend on our investment management expertise to build a unique, personalized financial plan for your future so that you achieve your desired financial security.

As a client of The Davis Reynolds Team, you will be working closely with us.  We have a passion for serving our clients and always put their interests first.    We offer all types of investment management services, including:


INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT: We will create an investment plan, together with you, that will help determine the best investment strategy for your goals.  Long term, as market conditions change, our financial advisors will be looking for opportunities that continue to meet your financial plans. 

RETIREMENT PLANNING: How much money will you need to retire?  We will craft a detailed financial plan designed to achieve your long-term retirement goals and will work closely with you to map out the necessary steps to reach them.

CORPORATE RETIREMENT PLANS: We understand how hard you work to build your business. Our financial advisors work with business owners to create a financial plan that meets their needs at every stage of the business life cycle. 

ESTATE ADVICE & LEGACY PLANNING: Active estate planning and a sound estate plan helps you know your heirs are protected.  Our professionals will work with your other trusted advisors to develop a plan according to your unique goals, transfer wealth to your heirs as tax efficiently as possible and protect your family and business.

INSURANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT EVALUATION: There are many ways to use insurance to protect what is most important to you. Our advisors understand insurance and risk planning, and work with our clients to put structures in place to help shield their assets from the risks that come with wealth.  We can integrate an insurance strategy into your estate plan to help preserve your assets. 

TAX PLANNING: TBH will work with you and your tax advisor(s) throughout our relationship to maximize your financial plan and retirement planning and minimize taxable events. We will also help you understand best practices to save on your tax liabilities. 

EDUCATION PLANNING: There are several investment accounts you can use to help save for a child’s education.  We will help you build an education strategy that considers your complete financial picture and is compatible with your children’s academic goals.