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Education Planning

We partner with our clients to provide for one of their most important goals: their children’s education. Our deep knowledge of education investment accounts helps you support your family’s loftiest academic goals.
Our Education Planning Approach

When you choose TBH Advisors as your education planning partner, you choose a firm that’s committed first and foremost to your family’s long-term education goals. Our advisors are fee-based professionals, and our education planning strategies are always client-driven — not commission-driven.

The costs of education rise each year, and for many families, college or private schooling is one of the most expensive — and valuable — investments they’ll make. Planning for education expenses is critical, but the options can be overwhelming. We develop deep relationships with our clients to ensure they realize their education goals and feel confident navigating custodial accounts, 529 savings plans, and more.

We know that providing a worry-free education for your family can be one of the best parts of financial success. Our “listen first” approach allows us to help you achieve that aim. Whether your child, grandchild, or other family member is an infant or quickly approaching their college years, we work with you to build an individualized plan that is tax-advantaged, flexible, and forward-thinking. 

Recommended Education Planning Services
We work closely with our clients to develop investment strategies that are tailored to their goals. Our bespoke solutions and close client-advisor relationships ensure your portfolio meets your needs and adapts to changing market conditions.
We assist our clients in ensuring their families are protected with sound estate and legacy planning. Life can be unpredictable, but we coordinate with your other trusted advisors to ensure your legacy has a lasting impact.
Education Planning Sub-services

College Cost Projections 

529 Savings Plans 

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts 

Custodial Accounts

State-Specific Options

Education Planning Benefits

Education Savings Plan Setup and Implementation

Create and fund an education plan to ensure you are able to cover tuition costs related to your child’s future enrollment.

Access to Compounding

Increase your child’s education fund by putting your educational investments to work with compounding interest.

Protection Against Inflation

Invest in an education savings plan to minimize inflation’s impact on your child’s education fund.

Stress-Free Future

Reduce your family’s future stress by preparing for one of life’s biggest expenses in advance.

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