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Retirement Plans

We help our clients prepare for a fulfilling retirement with detailed financial plans. From setting long-term goals, to assessing investment returns, our retirement mapping helps you prepare for a comfortable future.
Our Retirement Plan Approach

When you choose TBH Advisors as your business retirement planning partner, you choose a firm that’s committed first and foremost to your long-term business and personal finance goals. Our advisors are fee-based professionals, and our retirement strategies are always client-driven — not commission-driven.

For small- to medium-size business owners, retirement planning looks different than it might for the general population. Owners must consider whether and how to offer retirement plans for employees, while also saving for their own retirement. They must also consider their exit or succession plan. For this reason, we develop deep relationships with our clients to ensure their retirement planning seamlessly combines their unique business and personal goals. By choosing TBH Advisors, you gain access to qualified contribution plans such as 401ks, defined benefit plans such as Cash Balance Plans, small business Simple IRA plans and Solo 401k plans for individual business operators.

We know that building a company can be time-consuming, and that your needs may shift over the life of your business. Our “listen first” approach allows us to make the most of every conversation we have with you and to simplify the business retirement planning process. Our close client-advisor relationship also means that when you partner with TBH, both your business and your personal wealth are protected.

Recommended Retirement Plan Services
We work closely with our clients to develop investment strategies that are tailored to their goals. Our bespoke solutions and close client-advisor relationships ensure your portfolio meets your needs and adapts to changing market conditions.
We partner with business owners to provide financial planning support at every stage of the business life cycle. We understand the complex and changing nature of business planning firsthand, and we strive to streamline it for you.
Retirement Plan Sub-services

Exit and Succession Strategy

Business Retirement Plan Construction and Implementation

Plan Monitoring

Investment Management 

Risk Anticipation

Retirement Plan Benefits

Stronger Return on Investment

Retire with confidence and with the funds you’ve grown slowly over time.

Lower Tax Burden

Reduce your taxable income now by preparing for your future.

Peace of Mind

Avoid stress and worry with comprehensive budgeting and drawdown projections tailored to your lifestyle

Lower Retirement Age

We help you retire sooner by identifying the right financial tools for your goals.

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At TBH, your financial goals are our top priority. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you achieve them.

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At TBH, your financial goals are our top priority. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you achieve them.